[Arabian Peninsula]. Map of Arabia. G.S. 4016.

London, published at the Survey of Egypt for Arab Bureau, under authority from the War Office, Sept. 1916.

794 x 628 mm. Scale 1:4,000,000. Mounted on cloth. Folded.


Rare, large-scale map of western Arabia including all but the easternmost part of the Peninsula (ending about 100 miles east of Qatar). "This map has been compiled almost entirely from published sources, of which the principal are (1) Hunter's Arabia 1:2,000,000; (2) War Office quarter inch of S.W. Arabia; (3) War Office 1:250,000 of the rest of the Turkish Empire; R.G.S. materials have also been used" (editor's note). Some slight brownstaining in places, otherwise well-preserved.

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