[Hunting]. Certificate of Apprenticeship for Anton Spiallek.

Dombrau (Doubrava) in Silesia (now Czech Republic), 29. IX. 1822.

Ink and watercolours on paper, backed with cloth. Calligraphic and armorial headpiece; historiated initials; two coloured illustrations (a hunter loading his gun; a hawk devouring a goose). Four red wax seals. 77 x 55 cms, rolled and stored in a contemporary marbled tube.


A certificate of apprenticeship for the hunter Anton Spiallek (Spialleck) of Wiegstädtel near Opava in Silesia, signed by Franz Spialeck (possibly a relation) and four other district hunting offcials of Dombrau and Mittel-Suchau (Prostrední Suchá), owned by Richard Baron Mattencloit. The art of hunting had long included falconry also in Silesia, and it was among the favourite pastimes of the nobility.

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