Life of Saladin

Boha-Eddin (Yusuf ibn Rafi Ibn Shaddad al-Mausili) / Albert Schultens (ed.). [Sirat al-Sultan al-alik al-Nasr Salih al-Din]. Vita et res gestae Sultani, Almalichi Alnasiri, Saladini [...]. Grandiore cothurno conscripta ab Amadoddino Ispahanensi ex mss. Arabicis [...] Editit et latine vertit Albertus Schultens.

Leiden, Samuel Luchtmans, 1732.

Folio. Four pts. in 1 vol. (30), 278 pp. (2), 64 pp. 26, (88, index) pp. Title-page printed in red and black, Arabic and Latin text in two columns. Original calf.


First edition (reprinted in 1755). The eminent Arabian writer and statesman Bohaddin, better known in the East as Ibn-Sjeddad, "wrote several works on Jurisprudence and Moslem Divinity; but the only one that can be interesting to us is his 'Life and Actions of Saladin', which, with other pieces connected with the same subject, was published by Albert Schultens, at Leyden, in 1732, accompanied by a somewhat inelegant Latin translation, also by notes, and a Geographical Index. This work affords a favourable specimen of the historical compositions of the Arabs [...] The enthusiasm with which every thing about [Saladin] is narrated, and the anecdotes which the author, from his own personal knowledge, is able to communicate respecting that extraordinary character, give his work a great degree of interest" (Enc. Britannica, Suppl. II [1824], p. 352f).

Schnurrer 148, no. 175. Gay 2238. Cf. Fück 107. Not in Smitskamp.

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