Malamud, Bernard, Schriftsteller (1914-1986). 5 typed letters signed.

Bennington (Vermont), 1965-1979.

4to and 8vo. Altogether 5 pp. on 5 ff. With 3 typed envelopes.


To the Swedish yournalist Ingmar Björkstén: "My purpose in going to Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Venice in October is to look into background material for my new novel. I'd like to know something about the life of an American ex-soldier in Sweden, though my purpose is to set up nothing more radical than a visit of a father to a stepson in Sweden. How would the young man, if he had deserted in Vietnam, now be living? The primary thing is the personal relationship of father and son or stepson" (from the letter of 26 Sept. 1973).

Mostly on headed paper of Bennington College.

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