[Campomanes, Pedro Rodriguez de]. Discurso sobre el fomento de la industria popular.

Madrid, Antonio de Sancha, 1774.

8vo. (8), CXCVIII pp. Contemporary limp vellum with ties.


First and only edition of this plea for the promotion of popular industry and manufacture, the author's major analytical work. Campomanes (1723-1802) was a distinguished Spanish statesman, jurist and economist who greatly contributed to the improvement of Spanish commerce and industry, the promotion of agriculture, the reform of the system of taxation and the diffusion of popular education. His theoretic views and practical efforts strikingly resemble those of his illustrious contemporary Turgot. Schumpeter notes that in view of the date of publication, Campomanes had little if anything to learn from Adam Smith.

Title bears old stamp and faint remains of a now-removed label.


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