Behr, Johann von der. Diarium, oder Tage-Buch, über dasjenige, so sich Zeit einer neun-jährigen Reise zu Wasser und Lande, meistentheils in Dienst der vereinigten geoctroyrten Niederländischen Ost-Indianischen Compagnie, besonders in denselbigen Ländern täglich begeben und zugetragen [...].

Jena, Urban Spaltholtz, 1668.

4to. (12), 150, (10) pp. With 12 (instead of 14) engraved plates, also wanting the portrait frontispiece and the engraved title-page. Later vellum using contemporary material with handwritten title to spine.


First edition. An account of an East Indian and Middle Eastern journey made during the years of 1641-50. The German soldier Behr (d. 1692) departed from Leipzig, enlisted with the Dutch East Indian Company (VOC) and travelled to East India in 1644. From Batavia he sailed onwards to Java and Goa, and he served with the fleet of Johan Maetsuycker on the Malabar coast. He spent four years to Ceylon before visiting Persia and returning to the Netherlands. His account was published 18 years after his return, and "many sections of his journal resemble suspiciously closely the narratives of Johann Jacob Merklein and Johann Jacob Saar" (Howgego). The fine illustrations include views of Goa, St. Helena, and Kamron (Bandar Abbas), a cinnamon tree and flying fish. The appendix reprints the author's passport issued by Captain Jan van der Laen, as well as an alphabetical index.

Somewhat browned throughout due to paper. Covers slightly warped. Wants a total of four engravings, including the title (letterpress title-page is present). From the library of the Viennese collector Werner Habel (1939-2015) with his handwritten and stamped ownership, dated 1981, to the pastedown.


VD 17, 3:307812K. Howgego I, 102, B59. Not in Wilson.

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