Ephemera, including Arab constitutional documents and an introduction to the history of Arab medicine

[Arabia]. [A collection of ephemera regarding the Arab states].

New York & London, 1951-1975.

3 booklets, a magazine, and a menu.


(1) EL-KHATIB, M. Fatallah (foreword). Basic Documents of the Arab Unifications. New York, Arab Information Center, June 1958. 8vo. 43 pp. Includes: the Proclamation of the United Arab Republic, the Proclamation of the Arab Union, the Provisional Constitution of the United Arab Republic, the Charter of the United Arab States and the Constitution of the Arab Union.

(2) OMRAN, Abdel-Rahim. Public Health & Welfare in the Arab States: Past, Present and Future. New York, Arab Information Center, November 1959. 8vo. 32 pp. The booklet opens with a history of the Arab contributions to medicine followed by modern statistics.

(3) WRIGHT, Esmond. The Arab World. Current Affairs no. 125. London, Bureau of Current Affairs, 3 February 1951. 8vo. 19, (1) pp. Short overview of the Arab world.

(4) [MENU]. P&O menu. On board the S.S. Arcadia, Sunday 25 March 1962. 8vo. Menu with on front a coloured illustration of a Dhow in the Arabian Sea. Probably offered during a cruise in the Gulf.

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