[Strauss, Anton]. Am Vermählungstage des wohledelgebornen Herrn Herrn Anton Strauss mit der wohledelgebornen Frau Frau Magdalena Stadler geborne Dittl. Dargebracht von dem sämmtlichen Personale seiner k. auch k. k. privil. Buchdruckerey.

[Vienna, Strauss], 29. IX. 1805.

Folio (ca. 245 x 350 mm). 6, (2) pp. Sewn.


An epithalamium commemorating the wedding of the Viennese printer and publisher Anton Strauss with Magdalena Stadler, presented by the staff of Strauss's printing office. During the Napoleonic Wars Strauss was one of the most important Austrian printers and established an army printing service producing various journals, such as the "Vaterländische Blätter" and "Österreichischer Wandersmann". Starting in 1810 he published the "Österreichische Beobachter", which, along with the "Wiener Zeitung", became an official governmental journal. His business, successfully carried on by Strauss' widow Magdalena after his death in 1827, also produced typographically ambitious mathematical and foreign-language works, such as Joseph v. Hammer-Purgstall's "Geschichte des Osmanischen Reiches" (1827-35) and the "Annalen der k. k. Sternwarte in Wien“ (1821-40).

Somewhat duststained. Lower half of the spine torn, professionally repaired, as is a marginal tear to the second leaf, not touching the text. Modern ink foliation (ff. 277-282). Includes a poem by Franz Treiber, issued on the occasion of Strauss's funeral (8vo, 4 pp. on bifolium).

For Strauss cf. ÖBL XIII, 373f.

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