Brema, Marie, Sängerin (1856-1925). Eigenh. Brief mit U.

London, 21. X. 1903.

4 SS. auf Doppelblatt. 8vo.


In englischer Sprache an einen namentlich nicht genannten Adressaten: "I am quite distressed to hear you called with your son, whom I much wanted to meet. I have been up and down, backwards and forwards between Eastbourne and here. If your son comes to town he must be sure to let me know in time, so that I may be in. Please tell him how sorry I am to have missed him. Thank you ever so much for your kindness about Tita [d. i. ihre Tochter, die Schauspielerin Tita Brand]. So good of you to trouble. She has had very fine notices, and she and I have crowds of beautiful letters. She is engaged at the Garrick Theatre from X-Mas, and has had some other offers [...] I am happy to say I am engaged to sing Mary Magdalen at Birmingham on Feb. 14th, when Dr. Sinclair conducts a performance at the Apostles there. Shall you be in town on Dec. 1st for the Richter Concert? I hope so! The wines have safely arrived. I will send the cheque on the last of November if that will suit you. I am to sing at the Museums Concert, Frankfurt on the 30th Oct. My son is also taking quite a small part in the Apostles on Feb. 14th [...]".

Auf Briefpapier mit Adresse.

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