Puccini, Giacomo, Italian composer (1856-1924). Autograph letter signed ("Gi[a]co[mo]").

No place, [18 Feb. 1897].

8vo. 6 pp. on 3 ff. With autograph envelope.


In Italian, to Carlo Clausetti at Ricordi's, Naples, on Tosca and La Bohème. Master Pacchierotti, he writes, was bamboozled by Riccordi with the greatest deference, and had many words of encouragement for Ricordi. Puccini's work on Tosca will be ready in the year 2000, and performed at the Royal Theatre of Crete ("Io lavoro a Tosca chi sarà pronta il 2000 ce si darà alr R° teatro di Creta perche tutti i teatri sono di creta" [play on the name of the island Creta, and the word creta, clay]), a building worthy of a water-closet or a domestic theatre, depending on its size. Carlo is a very nice person, and not made of clay, although all the sons of Adam are descended from the same woman. He is always his tireless thurifer! And Puccini loves it. He writes to him with various little glasses of liquor in front of him; if they were together, he would give him a drink. He instructs him to greet Lombardi and tell him that Vanso will soon be going to Cuba. Carlo has to go to Bari to protect La Boheme, which seems to be in danger: his support will be needed to guide his beloved daughter to the port. Let him beware of baroque attacks ("assalti baresi")! - Small pinholes, otherwise in fine condition.

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