Slingsby, Henry, Master of the Mint (ca. 1621 - ca. 1688). Document signed.

No place, 29. XI. 1667.

4to. 1 page on bifolium.


Receipt for a fine of 60 Pounds for violating the laws of coinage: "Receipt on an Order of the XVth. day of Aprill 1667 by virtue of his Majesty's Lord of Privy Seal dato the XIth day of March 1666 [...] An Act for Encouraging of Coynage by me Henry Slingsby Esquire Master and Worker of his Majesty's Mint the Summe of Sixty pounds in parte of an Order of Sixtythousand pounds for defraying the charge of his Majesty's Mint or Mints and of the assaying melting downe waste and Coynage of Gold and Silver and the encouragement of bringing in Gold and Silver into the said Mint or Mints & order to be coyned into the Current Coyns of this Kingdome [...]".

Previously in the collection of the English novelist Catherine Hutton (1756-1846), with a few biographical notes in her handwriting.

A strip of old mounting tape on verso.

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