[Conquest of Oran]. Breve relaçao dos progressos, que as armas espanholas tem feito na defeza de Praça de Oran, contra os mouros [...].

(Lisbon, Jose de Aquino Bulhoens, 1791).

4to. 14 pp., final blank leaf. Two printed sheets folded into a pamphlet, unsewn and unbound.


Very rare Portuguese account of one of several unsuccessful 18th century attempts by Muslim forces to recapture Oran. Translated by Manuel Pedro Tomás Pinheiro e Aragão (1773-1838), describing the events of May and June 1791. From 1790 to 1792, Muslim forces, led by Mohamed El-Kebir (d. 1796), besieged Oran and Mers el-Kebir, which were in Spanish hands since 1732. Both cities would be returned to the Ottoman Empire after a massively destructive earthquake in 1792.

First page somewhat spotty. Uncut and untrimmed.


BGUC Misc. 24, 508. OCLC 56569516.

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