Carol II, King of Romania (1893-1953). Autograph letter card and autograph draft for a telegram signed. In French.

N. p., 11 May 1927 and 12 Aug. 1927.

Oblong 12mo. Together 2 pp. Mounted on paper (4to).


The draft is addressed to the French inventor Édouard Belin, accepting an invitation: "C'est avec la plus grande joie que j'ai l'occasion de visiter les merveilleuses inventions de Mr Bellin".

In the letter card, Carol thanks the recipient for condolences on the death of his father King Ferdinand I of Romania on 20 July 1927: "Bien qu'un peu tardivement, a cause du grand malheur qui m'a frappé, mais pas moins sincèrement je vous remercie pour les condoléances que vous m'avez envoyés".

Carol lived in exile in Paris from 1926 to 1930 due to his morganatic marriage to Magda Lupescu and his subsequent exclusion from the line of succession. Upon King Ferdinand's death, Carol's son Michael acceded to the throne at the age of five in a regency headed by Carol's younger brother Prince Nicolae. The regency was overthrown in 1930 and Carol was offered the crown of Romania. He ruled until 1940, when he was ousted by Marshal Ion Antonescu and succeeded by his son Michael.

Together with a portrait postcard depicting Carol II with an inscription to Belin by a Romanian captain (Paris, 22 Dec. 1927).

The telegram draft shows ink damage affecting the text and signature. The letter card on stationery with mourning border.

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