Vogt, Carl, German scientist (1817-1895). Autograph document signed.

No place, 21. V. 1872.

Oblong 8vo. ½ page.


Cancelling his lecture due to an illness: "Je ne puis donner mon Cours aujourd'hui pour cause d'indisposition [...]".

Attribution in a former collector's hand on the reverse. Traces of mounting; presumably originally attached to the door of the lecture hall.

The scientist and philosopher Vogt published a number of notable works on zoology, geology and physiology. All his life he was engaged in politics, in the German Frankfurt Parliament of 1848-49 and during his emigration in Switzerland. Karl Marx scathingly replied to his attacks in his book "Herr Vogt" (1860). A proponent of scientific materialism and atheism, Vogt was also an early adherent to the theory of evolution, and Darwin mentions him in his introduction to "The Descent of Man".