[Socialist International]. - Huysmans, Camille, Belgian politician (1871-1968)]. 11 autogr. signed letters or postcards from various socialist figures.

Various places, 1911-1914.

Altogether 24 pieces.


Mostly written to the Belgian socialist politician C. Huysmans, a member of the International Socialist Bureau.

1) 1911: Postcard from Hjalmar Branting, in French.

2) Letter from Tucovic, in German.

3) Letter from Engelbert Pernerstofer, in German.

4) 1914: Letter from Edouard Vaillant, in French.

5) Letter from Friedrich Adler (in German, typed and signed).

6) Letter from Karl Liebknecht, in German.

7) Postcard from Friedrich Ebert, in German.

8) Postcard from Georg Ledebour, in German.

9) Postcard from H. Branting in French.

10) Signed by Keir Hardie.

Includes 5 other documents, among which are 2 letters from Elisée Reclus, 1 from E. Vandervelde, and 1 by Camille Huysmans, as well as some newspaper clippings and additional material.

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