D’Ávalos d'Aquino d'Aragona, Fernando Francesco, 7th marquis of Pescara, Governor of Milan and Viceroy of Sicily (1530-1571). Document signed.

Milan, 3. I. 1563.

Folio. ½ p. on bifolium. Together with a supplication to the Governor of Milan.


Gubernatorial decision regarding an attached petition in the name of Maria de Medici, prioress of the Monastero delle Dame Vergini alla Vettabbia in Milan, granting the monastery additional salt rations. The decision was issued in view of the "quality of the supplicant" and the "minor importance of the matter": "Vi mandiamo l’incluso memoriale de la molto Rever. suor. Laura di Medici Priora nel Monasterio de le Vergini di questa città: et considerata la qualita de la intercedente, la poca importanza de la cosa, la qual va à benefitio di esse Religiose, vi remettiamo, che al prezzo, che si daño al detto Monasterio l’altre ventiquattro stara, et tre quarti di sale provediate, che gliene sian dati altri due stara, et un quarto, che intutto saranno ventisette stara. Et questo si faccia per questa volta tanta […]".

As the petition states, Maria de Medici was a legitimate sister of Pope Pius IV, born Giovanni Angelo Medici di Marignano (1499-1565). Surprisingly, her name is misspelled both in the petition (as Maura, though possibly a monastic name) and in the official response (as Laura). Although the Milanese branch of the Medici family, the Medici di Melegnano or Marignano, had no actual family ties to the Florentine dynasty, it had been recognized by the Florentine Medicis in the early 16th century and used the same arms.

Francesco Ferdinando d’Ávalos d'Aquino was a courtier of King Philip II. In December 1555 he succeeded the Duke of Alba as commander-in-chief of the Spanish army in Lombardy and Piedmont, achieving an advantageous truce with France in March 1556. Between 1560 and 1563 d'Ávalos d'Aquino served as acting Governor of Milan, on behalf of Gonzalo II Fernández de Córdoba, 3rd Duke of Sessa, who resumed the post in 1563. From 1568 until his death in 1571, Francesco Ferdinando d’Ávalos d'Aquino was Viceroy of Sicily.

With papered seal and address to the magistrates of Milan; counter-signed by two officials. Well preserved. With insignificant tears and minor browning to the margins.

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