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[Zanzibar]. The Gazette for Zanzibar.

Zanzibar, Government Printing Press, 1912-13, 1918 and 1920.

Folio (ca. 215 x 345 mm). 115 issues and 61 supplements: 19 issues with 4 supplements (1912), 14 issues (1913), 52 issues with 52 supplements (1918), and 30 issues with 5 suppl. (1920). Chiefly in English with some Arabic and Hindi.

Substantial collection of one of the earliest official newspapers of colonial East Africa, including the complete run for the year 1918. It covers the years of the Balkan Wars (1912-13) as well as the last year of World War I and the early post-war era - a period when Zanzibar was a British Protectorate. Among the most notable topics are public health and military affairs: reports on cholera outbreaks in 1912 with the daily incidence of cases, reprints of "Reuter's Telegrams" on the Balkan Wars in the 1913 issues, as well as economic proclamations issued during World War I on "trading with the enemy" are only some of the highlights of the Gazette. Each issue includes official announcements as well as local news, and from 1913 onwards legal records, including probate court verdicts and license applications, but also economic topics such as announcements of ivory and clove auctions, with incidental sports news, weather phenomena, prices and timetables of steamer services, job offers, and advertisements.

Founded by British administration in 1892 as the "Gazette for Zanzibar and East Africa", the weekly newspaper advanced to the official bulletin of the Zanzibar government in 1894 and was referred to as the "Zanzibar Gazette" from 1909.

Stamp of ownership of the Royal Colonial Institute to several issues. Some small edge flaws. An unusually well-preserved set.