Dictatorship: "unlimited power based on force, not on law"

Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov). Pobeda kadetov i zadachi rabochei partii. [The victory of the cadets in the cause of the worker's party].

St Petersburg, O. I. Pastor, [1906].

8vo. 78 pp. Disbound.


Early edition of Lenin's crucial pamphlet defining dictatorship as "unlimited power based on force, and not on law". Lenin argues that the Cadets, officially called the "Party of the People's Freedom", who formed the first Provisional Government of February 1917, were destined to collapse and to be replaced by the Bolsheviks shortly, leading the way to a proletarian revolution.

Faded notes in pencil and a few ink annotations to first page. Uncut copy.


Lenin, Collected Works X, 199-276. OCLC 1190997051.

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