[Jesuits]. Eulogy for the Venerable Francisco del Castillo.

N. p., first half of the 18th century.

4to. Italian manuscript on paper. 1 p. on bifolium.


Typical short Jesuit eulogy, composed to be read in Jesuit colleges on the anniversary of Francisco's death. The text was sent as a letter to the Jesuit Annibale Magnalbo at the College of Recanati (Marche).

Francisco del Castillo (1615-73) was a Chilean-born Jesuit in the Viceroyalty of Peru. His preaching and evangelization work among African slaves in Peru earned him the epithet "Apostle of Lima". The text lauds del Castillo as the "communal father of the poor, the imprisoned, the sick, and finally of all of the most miserable in the city". To recommend del Castillo for beatification, the eulogy states that he died on the day he had predicted and that "his death was accompanied by miracles", such as a miraculous delay of decomposition.

With a tear from breaking the seal. Well preserved.

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