Godard, Benjamin, French violinist and composer (1849-1895). 4 autograph letters signed and 1 autograph dedication signed.

N. p., 1880 and 1888.

8vo. Together 11 pp.


Interesting collection of letters, mostly about Godard's most successful composition, the opera "Jocelyn" that had premiered in Brussels on 25 February 1888. About a month after the premiere, on 22 March 1888, Godard wrote to thank the pianist and composer Alphonse Duvernoy for writing in defence of "Jocelyn". Godard had originally attached several études to the letter, asking Duvernoy to select "the one you like best" and to allow Godard to dedicate it to him. Indeed, the second étude "Par monts et par vaux" in his 1888 "Nouvelles Études artistiques", op. 107, is dedicated to Duvernoy.

On 30 March 1888, Godard wrote to Pauline Viardot, lamenting that it is impossible to find a tenor, and even if he should find such a "rare bird", there would not be enough time for him "to learn the duet from Jocelyn from now till Thursday". Therefore, he asks if they should save the scene from "Jocelyn", "as well as the Symphonie légendaire" (op. 99), for an other date.

The final letter concerning "Jocelyn" was addressed to the composer and music critic Victorin de Joncières on 16 October 1888, to thank him for a "beautiful article" about the opera: "J'ai éprouvé un véritable bonheur à lire cette étude écrite de main de maître après vaoir parcouru les stupides réflexions que tant d'autres journaux ont publiées".

A letter from 6 December 1880 to a Mademoiselle Lanrezac, without doubt a studet of Godard, was to move an appointment. The undated dedication is inscribed to a woman named Emma.

The letter to Duvernoy with blindstamped monogram. The letter to Viardot blindstamped with the seal of the "Collection Viardot". Some browning; occasional tears and creases. The letter to Lanrezac with traces of former mounting.

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