A Saudi State Visit to Baghdad

[Iraq - King Saud meets King Faisal II]. Photographs of a state visit.

Baghdad, 1957.

Oblong 4to (333 x 230) mm. Photo album with 12 baryte paper prints (125 x 110 mm) and 1 press photo (225 x 191 mm), the latter captioned, stamped and dated. Blue full percaline with gilt cover ornaments. Cord binding.


A fine ensemble of photographs documenting the historic state visit to Iraq by King Saud of Saudi Arabia in May 1957, apparently photographed and assembled by a member of the Iraqi entourage closely involved throughout the visit. King Faisal II of Iraq and his Prime Minister Nuri As-Said met with King Saud to discuss the Pan-Arab movement led by Gamal Abdel Nasser, involving anti-monarchist efforts in Jordan. Eventually, talks in Baghdad were wound up "with a pledge to coordinate resistance to communism and a warning that no Arab state should meddle in the affairs of its neighbors" (caption of the press photograph).

The collection includes previously unseen pictures of the monarchs' arrival by car and carriage respectively, their mutual exchange of greetings, and the state dinner, as well as the subsequent talks held in the palace garden.

Not traced in the Keystone or Hulton/Getty press photo archives. In excellent condition.

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