"Either 'OOT O' LONDON' or 'CEMETARY'"

Dale, Frederic (John), British light composer (1872-1956). Autograph letter signed.

Worlebury, Weston-super-Mare, 13. V. 1934.

4to. 4 pp. on 3 ff.


To the fellow musician Frederick Allan Wilshire (1868-1944), remembering times spent together in 1914, and with news since then. Dale's wife has passed away, and he himself has moved back to his native Weston-super-Mare: "At long-last I have 'got-down' to do that which I have not once but a dozen times wished, attempted ... yes, actually started to do ... To send you a line. Now, it is I read (in the 'Evening World', which seems to claim you as a bit o' property!) of MARY. THAT settled it ... there is a wee ditty in my very overstacked folio, that very truly belongs to MARY ... so I, at long-last again, send it. You are going to laugh at this. What I remember most o' you (& I remember, gladly, 'quite' a bit') is a meeting on the Cornish Cliffs & the three words 'THIS IS MARY' when 'presenting' the little maid to me [...] My doctor told me - in 1921 - it was either 'OOT O' LONDON' or 'CEMETARY' for me - NERVES. So, I, not being over keen about cemetaries, came down HERE. I rarely see Weston. I just DON'T LIKE ... That's all [...]".

With embossed letterheads. First leaf slightly yellowed.

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