Map of oil fields and pipelines in the Fertile Crescent

Hasahar Hapore. Hasahar Hapore [The Fertile Crescent].

Tel Aviv, 1958.

Map, printed in colour, 698 x 496 mm. Scale approximately 1:2,460,000.


Rare Hebrew map of the "Fertile Crescent," in bold colour and with an interesting focus on the oil industry, comprising Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Jordan, together with the northern region of Kuwait, south-eastern region of Turkey and the western portion of Iran, Cyprus, and Northern Egypt. The map itself shows main roads, railways, international and armistice borders. It also carefully marks oil pipelines, oil fields, and refineries across the regions as of the late 1950s, including Burgan and Ahmadi.

In excellent condition. OCLC lists a single copy in institutional libraries, at Stanford.


OCLC 1052443183.

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