Gold medal for helping build the Hejaz Railway

[Mehmed V Resad, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1844-1918, ruled 1909-1918)]. Berat certificate for Mustafa Cemil Bey.

Kostantiniyye (Istanbul), [26 Nov. 1911 CE =] 4 Zilhijja 1329.

Lithographed form filled in with black ink, ca. 32 x 57 cm. Tughra of the Sultan at the head. Includes contemporary handwritten translation into Arabic.


Official document certifying the award of the Ottoman Empire's gold medal for services rendered in support of the building of the Hejaz Railway, presented to the Egyptian civil servant Mustafa Cemil Bey. The document reads, in translation: "I ordered the construction of the railway from Damascus to Mecca and Medina in order to facilitate the journey of the pilgrims who want to reach the forgiveness of Allah. A medal of various classes was established to reward men and women who helped by providing financial aid to this railway construction or by working in construction. Mustafa Cemil Bey, the supervisor of the Hasan Pertev Bey foundation (waqf), Alexandria, El-Mansheya, assisted in the construction of the railway. For this reason, he was awarded the Hejaz Railway Medal. In accordance with law and my imperial edict, I order the above-named person to be awarded a gold medal. Accordingly, this document has been written [...]".

Berat certificates were official documents issued by the Sultan in order to grant a privilege or to make an appointment of a dignitary, or to confer the right to possession of a property belonging to the state.

Folded with light edge flaws and insignificant waterstains to margins. On the reverse are official seals and attestations of authenticity, with a brief summary of the document. Full transcription available.

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