IDF military orders in the Gaza Strip

Israeli Defense Forces Administration. Minsharim, tsavim u-minuyim [Proclamations, Orders and Appointments]. Mahashir, awamir wa-Ta'yinatmin qibal 'iidarat jaysh aldifae al-Israili fi mantaqat ghaza.

(Israel), 1957.

Folio (207 x 324 mm). 2 issues: 42 pp. Stapled.


Exceedingly rare orders issued by the IDF military authorities in the Gaza Strip after the 1956 Sinai Campaign. Printed in Hebrew and Arabic. Not a single institutional copy traceable worldwide. Published a decade before the more common "Proclamations" of 1967.

On 29 October 1956, the combined armed forces of Great Britain, France, and Israel entered the Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula and captured these territories in eight days of fighting. Immediately after hostilities ceased, the State of Israel began consolidating its hold on the Gaza Strip, which Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion regarded as an historical part of the Land of Israel. Nevertheless, in March 1957, in response to overwhelming international pressure, Israel was compelled to withdraw from the conquered territory.

Small tear to vol. 1; vol. 1 perforated. Generally well preserved.


Issue 1: 12 pp.; issue 2: pp. (13)-42.


OCLC 235982856.

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