In support of a Jewish educator and philanthropist

Einstein, Albert, German physicist and Nobel laureate (1879-1955). Typed letter signed ("A. Einstein").

Princeton, 6. X. 1938.

4to (212 x 278 mm). ½ page. In German.


To Edward Cushing, writing in support of the Austrian educator Eugenie Schwarzwald (1872-1940), founder of the "Schwarzwaldschule" for young women, after her assets were seized by the Nazis. In response to a prior letter from Mr. Cushing, Einstein writes: "I personally feel great respect and warm sympathy for Mrs. Schwarzwald. However, since I lead a rather isolated life, I have few personal acquaintances and no knowledge of people who could be approached [...] If you should learn about such people from your American friends, I should be very glad to write to them. Also, I should be able to make a modest contribution myself [...]" (transl.).

This letter relates to Mrs. Eugenie Schwarzwald, a progressive Austrian philanthropist who founded the innovative Schwarzwald school to educate Austrian girls. She was forced to leave Austria due to her Jewish ancestry; her assets were seized by the National Socialists, and the Schwarzwald schools were forcibly closed. Edward Cushing began the "Schwarzwald fund" to support her financially after the seizure of her assets, and in conjunction with the American journalist Dorothy Thompson, rallied for their intended emigration to America - likely referenced here.


From the collection of Kalman Talansky (1924-2021).


Llight mailing folds impacting signature, two small spots of loss at the centrefolds.


Cf. John M. Spalek et al., Deutschsprachige Exilliteratur seit 1933, p. 379.

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