Avicenna on fevers

[Ibn Sina (Avicenna)]. Arcolani, Giovanni. De febribus [...] in Avic[ennae] quarti canonis fen primam. Dilucida atque optima expositio [...].

Venice, heirs of Lucantonio Giunta, 1560.

Folio (227 x 317 mm). (18), 191 ff. (without final blank). Printer's device on title page and, in a different version, on the last page. Contemporary vellum. Traces of ties.


First issue under this title, previously released as "Expositio in primam fen quarti canonis Avicennae" (1506). A commentary (with the text, in the version of Gerardus Cremonensis) of book four, part (fen) one of Avicenna's systematic "Canon of Medicine", written in Arabic but widely translated throughout the Middle Ages and the basis of medical training in the West as late as the mid-17th century. It continues in use to this day in parts of the Arab world. Through this encyclopedic work, the author exerted "perhaps a wider influence in the eastern and western hemispheres than any other Islamic thinker" (PMM). "The 'Qanun' [...] contains some of the most illuminating thoughts pertaining to distinction of mediastinitis from pleurisy; contagious nature of phthisis; distribution of diseases by water and soil; careful description of skin troubles; of sexual diseases and perversions; of nervous ailments" (Sarton, Introduction to the History of Science). The present part is dedicated to a discussion of feverish illnesses. - 17th century ownership "Bernardinus Statius Phys." on flyleaf. Some brownstaining throughout, as common; some worming to spine. Still a good copy.


Edit 16, CNCE 2345. Adams A 1541. Durling 245. Cf. Wellcome I, 387 (only the Venice reprint). PMM 11.

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