Elkanah ben Yeruham ben Avigdor. Sefer ha-Kanah, ve-hu Sefer ha-Peliah. Mafli'ot ha-hokhmah asher nitgaleh 'a.y. Eliyahu zal.

Korets (Ukraine), in der prawlgirte Drukrei fun den Hern Johan Anton Krigr (Johann Anton Krieger) in Warsoi, 544 [1784].

Folio (210 x 352 mm). (1), 111, (1) ff. With architectural woodcut title border and a few diagrams within the text. Contemporary calf.


An edition of two remarkable 15th century kabbalistic treatises, the "Kanah" and "Peliah", of which the latter is here printed for the first time. Contains observations on the account of the creation in Genesis and on the Decalogue. Seemingly launching kabbalistic theory against the Bible and the Talmud, the author (whose name is allegorical, but who likely flourished in Spain) in fact seeks to base on firmer ground the scripture he purports to criticize (cf. Graetz VIII, 449ff.). The chief role in this work is played by a prodigy called Nahum, who at the age of three, together with his father, was taught the Kabbala by his grandfather, the latter receiving the assistance and cooperation of the prophet Elijah and various heavenly voices. For the role of the versatile printer J. A. Kriger in producing books on his various presses for the growing number of Polish Jews eager for printed matter, cf. E. Ringelblum, "Johann Anton Krieger, printer of Jewish books", in: Polin 12 (1999), pp. 198-211.

Binding rubbed and bumped at extremeties with severe defects to spine and corners; interior browned, waterstained, and wormed, edges and corners damaged, but complete. "Korzec" stamp on title page, with additional stamp pasted on, and contemporary handwritten ownership "... Frik".


Fürst I, 240 ("Zum ersten Male erschienen"). Wachstein, Salo Cohn I, 482. Vinograd, Koretz 28 (33). OCLC 50019708, 780189760. Cf. Steinschneider I, 4032 (note). Not in Scholem.

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