Striking aquatint of a Mamluk leader

Vernet, Antoine-Charles-Horace (Carle). Chef de Mamelucks.

Paris, Jazet and Bance & Aumont, [1821].

Aquatint print (image size: 485 x 390 mm, not including title and imprint; paper size: 55 x 45 cm), engraved by Jean Pierre Jazet after Vernet.


Striking aquatint of a Mamluk leader by the acclaimed French artist Carle Vernet (1758-1836), best known for his depiction of horses and war scenes. The Mamluk leader is depicted in traditional garb with a scimitar dangling from a robe in his hand, on a horse, with a fighting scene in the background in front of a Middle Eastern town. The engraver, Jean Pierre Jazet (1788-1871), must have been a skilled artist himself.

A lithographed copy, retaining some of the original splendour, was published in Vienna by Joseph Trentsensky a few years later.

A fine copy in a crisp impression.


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