Women's liberation during the Arab national struggle

Hussein, Saddam. [On the Revolution and Women. Second edition].

Baghdad, [Revolution Publications, 1979].

12mo. 85, (3) pp. Original wrappers with lettering.


A rare pamphlet in Arabic, containing Saddam Hussein's speech on the role of women in revolutions. The speech was given in 1977, two years before Saddam formally came to power in 1979. The pamphlet was reprinted in the year of his election. With this speech Saddam touched the problem of women's liberation vs. strong local traditional values in the time of the Arab national struggle. In the 1970s Iraqi women had free access to the education, voting rights, could own property and were encouraged to pursue posts in high positions, but during the following decades the importance of the traditional patriarchal family started undermining these rights.

Wrappers slightly stained and with soft folds, old signature on the top of the title-page, otherwise in good condition. Rare; we could not find any institutional examples.

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