[Favrat, Marc (Marquis de), painter, lover of Elisabeth of Romania (fl. 1950)]. 3 typed letters to Favrat with typed signatures "Bob" and "Lady Cheese".

New York, October and December 1958.

4to. (2+3+3 =) 8 pp. on 8 ff.


By a male model or actor who apparently had a homosexual affair with Favrat in Cannes. Remembering their time together and hoping that Favrat might return his love, he writes: "Everything was so wonderful in Cannes and now that I am back in New York everything has gone so wrong [...]" (28 Oct. 1958). Describing their first meeting and mutual experiences, such as getting drunk and Favrat's playing with Bob's feelings, blaming Favrat for not having answered his letter: "Are you married to that girl? [...] I could not believe my good luck when I saw you driving your car on the Croisette that evening in Cannes. Really was the most exciting moment ever and then when you got out and came over and said Bob I just about dropped dead [...] In fact, I would love to get my hands on you [...]" (5 Dec. 1958). Having received a reply from Favrat, the writer reaffirms their relationship and send the news that he has secured a position to model as "Mr. Arpege" for a Lanvin campaign, but a contract has not yet been signed: "My darling. I think it is CONSTRUCTIVE, as you say, to continue with our relationship. Marc, you and I are right for each other [...] I'm going to be used in a campaign for Arpege perfume by Lanvin [...]" (10 Dec. 1958).

Marc Favrat gained fame through his relationship with Princess Elisabeth of Romania (1894-1956), who ultimately settled in Cannes some years after her exile following the proclamation of the Romanian People's Republic in 1947. The much younger aspiring artist Favrat had become Elisabeth's lover, equerry, and finally, adopted son.

With a few handwritten insertions.