An unacceptable offer: "Che" Guevara as president of the National Bank of Cuba

"Che" Guevara [i.e. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna], Marxist revolutionary, major figure of the Cuban Revolution (1928-1967). Typed letter signed ("Che").

Havana, 25 August 1960, "Year of the Agrarian Reform".

4to. ¾ p.


In his office as president of the National Bank of Cuba, to Samuel G. Breidner of the New York real estate company Cross & Brown: "I refer to your letter of August first and regret to inform you that our Bank is not interested in real estate investments".

Following the resignation of the economist Felipe Pazos, Che Guevara served as president of the National Bank from 26 November 1959 to 23 February 1961. The unspecified offer by Cross & Brown slightly predates the US embargo that was imposed on 19 October 1960 and was further extended in February 1962. Guevara was appointed Minister of Industries in February 1961, which he remained until his departure from Cuba in 1965.

On stationery with embossed and printed letterhead "El presidente del Banco nacional de Cuba". Traces of folds and gently creased.