Arabian American Oil Company. Report of operations to the Saudi Arab government by the Arabian American Oil Company. 1953.

[Dharan, Aramco, 1954].

Folio. VI, 59, (2), 59 pp. Colour illustrations throughout. Original illustrated colour wrappers. Stapled.


1953 issue of the "Taqrir an sair al-amal marfu ila Hukuma al-Arabiya as-Suudiya min qibal Sarikat az-Zait al-Arabiya al-Amrikiya", printed in Arabic and English throughout. Profusely illustrated, the annual journal issued by ARAMCO reported on the year's work and activities in the form of essays and statistical figures. A few years previously, Aramco had moved their headquarters from New York to Dhahran, jointly with King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud managing to negotiate a larger share of the profits for the Saudi Arab Government. The principal oil fields at the time were Ghawar and Safaniya, soon to be confirmed the largest onshore and the largest offshore field in the world, respectively.

Some notes in ink to Arabic title-page. In good condition.


Cf. OCLC 2416997.

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