Stock securities relating to the oil trade, with coupons

[Arabian oil share certificates]. Share certificates for Société des pétroles de Dabrowa, Société Factoreries Francaises du Golfe Persique & de l'Afrique Orientale, and the Banque Hypothécaire et Fonciere de Paris Société Anonyme.

Paris and Lille, 1883, 1920, and 1928.

11 leaves, each approx. 405 x 320 mm.


A collection of share certificates dealing with petroleum and related finance in the Arabian Gulf and North Africa. Two were issued in 1883 for a bearer stock security of 500 francs with 24 coupons, signed by two administrators of the "Société des factoreries francaises du Golfe Persique". The company operated from the small port town of Obock, on the Gulf of Tadjoura opposite Aden. It was the site of the first French colony in the region, which was established in 1862, initiating the colonization of Djibouti. The French were especially interested in having a coaling station for steamships, which proved valuable upon the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869.

Two further share certificates were issued in 1920 from the Société des pétroles de Dabrowa, a Polish petroleum company, and another seven were issued in 1928 from the Banque Hypothécaire et Fonciere de Paris, which helped finance the early oil industry in North Africa.

One share each clipped out of the two Dabrowa securities, light wear, Banque Hypothécaire securities with tape repairs and stapled together with query letter from a shareholder by the name of Madame Kleizynsky.

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