President-elect Woodrow Wilson's autograph from his post-election Bermuda vacation

Wilson, Thomas Woodrow, 28th U.S. President (1856-1924). Postcard signed.

Bermuda, 30. XI. 1912.

8vo (137 x 88 mm), postcard. Signed across the image, with notes in a second hand.


A postcard from Bermuda signed by then President-Elect Woodrow Wilson. Wilson had been elected president of the United States only three and a half weeks before, and would take up the presidency in January. In the meantime, he vacationed in Bermuda, one of his favoured destinations.

Wilson began visiting Bermuda in 1906 and returned several times; it was in Bermuda that he met Mark Twain, and also where he was rumoured to have had an ongoing affair with a visiting socialite, Mrs. Mary A. Peck, whom he had met in 1907, and who had divorced her husband that summer. During this 1912 trip he stayed at Glen Cove (later Glencoe) at Salt Kettle, Paget, where he had met with Mrs. Peck two years previously.

The postcard is signed "Woodrow Wilson" in a fine hand, underlined and dated in a second hand (that of the sender). The picture shows a colourised photographic print of the Government House in Bermuda and is addressed to William S. Waudby of Washington DC, formerly a special agent of the U.S. Bureau of Labor, with the note "Card from President-elect Woodrow Wilson, from Bermuda" and signed "F.B.L." - Light wear, well preserved.

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