Collection services

We are available to catalogue existing libraries and autograph collections, will reorganize them in close coordination with the collector, and will advise on matters of storage and conservation. Please contact us for a cost estimate.

We will be glad to keep in evidence your collecting interests and follow the international book and autograph market for you.

Auction representation

We will represent clients at the important book and autograph auctions in Germany, Austria, and the UK, many of which we attend in person. For details regarding such auction commissions, in accordance with the ILAB Code of Usages and Customs, please contact us well in advance of the sale.


If you want to sell us a book or autograph, you are welcome to send us, by email or through our online form, a description and images. You can also visit us at our shop and show us your book in person; appointments are appreciated. If the book is of interest to us, we will let you know immediately how much we can pay for it. Of course this information is without any cost or obligation to you.

If you need a valuation for a whole library or collection, please make a viewing appointment. Written valuations will be billed on the basis of time expended.

Gift procurement

Few gifts are as distinctive, as lasting, and as well appreciated as is an early edition or autograph letter of a favourite writer, composer, scientist, or other historical figure important to the recipient. We take pride in maintaining a wide-ranging inventory of unique items from all subject areas and have been able to find the perfect present for many heads of state and business leaders, for state visits and other official occasions. Please contact us for a consultation.