Archives and Collections

Since Inlibris's earliest days we have paid special attention to acquiring and placing important collections, libraries, and culturally significant archives.

Important sales

Among the estates we successfully represented within the last two decades are those of the director Max Reinhardt and of Kafka's last friend Robert Klopstock; we also handled the correspondence and professional archives of the principal exponents of Viennese operetta's "golden age". Outstanding collections catalogued by us include seminal working manuscripts by Ludwig Wittgenstein, Thomas Bernhard's first dramatic efforts, and the former lending library of the German Socialists of Cleveland, Ohio, found immured in a secret room. We take pride in having sold the Agnes Kerssemakers library on Social Liberation, comprising more than 9,000 catalogued lots, in its entirety, as we did with the Otmar Seemann collection of encyclopedias and the Football Library of Peter Fadanelli.

Preservation and placement

While not all of these projects resulted in printed publications (find out more about our catalogues, many of which are now considered standard reference works, here) or gained publicity (read some news articles here), all these collections, archives and libraries have one thing in common: our involvement helped preserve them intact and keep them accessible as a whole, often in some of the world's most renowned libraries and research institutions.

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Some of the collections currently on offer include:

Available archives and collections