Eckermann, Johann Peter

Johann Peter Eckermann, German poet and author, 1792-1854

Eckermann is best known for his work Conversations with Goethe, the fruit of his association with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe during the last years of Goethe’s life. His acquaintance with Goethe began in 1823, when Eckermann sent to Goethe the manuscript of Beiträge zur Poesie. Soon afterwards he went to Weimar, where he supported himself as a private tutor. To Eckermann Goethe entrusted the publication of his Nachgelassene Schriften (posthumous works) (1832–1833). He was also joint-editor with Friedrich Wilhelm Riemer (1774–1845) of the complete edition of Goethe’s works in 40 vols (1839–1840).