Leopold Schefer, German poet, 1784-1862

Leopold Schefer was a German poet, novelist, and composer. He was well known for his novels and their observative power, but even more for a single volume of poems, "Laienbrevier" (1834–1835). These, owing to their warmth of feeling, keen psychology, and descriptions of the beauties of nature, at once established his fame as a poet. This vein he followed in later years with the poems "Vigilien" (1843), "Der Weltpriester" (1846), and "Hausreden" (1869). Encouraged by his friend, the poet Max Waldau (1822–1855), he published "Hafis in Hellas" (Hamburg, 1853) and "Koran der Liebe" (Hamburg, 1855) containing with their glowing descriptions of the East love poetry of a realistic and high order.