[Egypt and Sudan]. Collection of 30 photographs of Port Said, Cairo, and Southern Egypt.

Egypt, c. 1890.

Albumen prints on cardboard, mostly captioned on the reverse. Measurements c. 265 x 220 to 285 x 225 mm.


The photographs depict the harbour of Port Said (6), ships on the Suez canal (3) and a lithograph of the canal (1), the shady oases of Ismailia halfway to Suez (2), the streets and harbour of Suez (2), the pyramids of Gisa (with tree-lined avenue beside the railroad and with four natives on camels; 2) and 3 photos of the Gezireh Palace Hotel near Cairo and of the splendid hotel fountain. To these are added 11 pictures of natives in traditional dress: 2 images of Bisharin warriors from northern Sudan, six natives capturing a ten-foot Nile crocodile, a Bedouin next to a resting camel, a Nubian from Khartum, the portrait of a "professeur arabe" (in semi-profile), 4 images of fellah women (some with little children), as well as the portrait of a semi-nude café waitress. The photographs, many of which bear captions and the name of the studio, are principally taken by the Greek photographer Zangaki; others are issued by Arnoux, G. Massaoud, Schroeder & Cie. in Zurich, Lekegian & Co., etc. Some fading.