From the Schratt Villa in Hietzing

Mansfeld, Johann. Grundriß der Stadt Wien 1812.

Vienna, Artaria, 1812.

630:780 mm. Engr. map in original colour. Original Biedermeier frame with four brass corner fittings.


This city map showing 1317 houses with their respective numbers was first published in 1802 as "Historischer Grundriß der Stadt Wien". It also shows two small historical plans (during the second Turkish siege in 1683 and in the 12th century).

Formerly owned by Katharina Schratt and removed from the so-called Schratt Villa in Hietzing's Gloriettegasse; cf. the written statement by the heirs of the map's last owner, the collector Josef Ringer (1916-2008).


Eckl coll. IV, 755. Not in Mayer coll.

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