Schaller, Johann Nepomuk, sculptor (1777-1842). 3 ALS.

Rome, 1815 to 1821.

4to. Altogether (4+4+4=) 12 pp. on 6 pp.


To the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna, or rather to its secretary and committee, in truly original orthography: "Your precious letter [...] , as you can easily imagine, gave me much pleasure; in so far as it contained the fulfilment of my wishes, and will soon assist me out of my monetary difficulties [...] The news that His Majesty the Kaiser has most graciously willed a two year extension to my residence, moved His Excellency the Chevlier von Lebzeltern to offer me cheap rent for my studies and apartment in the Venetian Palace. I embraced this news so heartily, that I immediately joined His Majesty's approved Academy to reap its benefits. (Rome, 2nd February 1815).

J. N. Schaller was Chief Modeller at the Vienna Porcelain Works from 1811, and became a stipendiary from 1812 to 1823 in Rome, where he associated himself with the Nazarene movement. "He refused a call to Munich from King Ludwig I of Bavaria, and worked on several occasions for the Walhalla. In 1823 Schaller was appointed Professor at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna. Among his pupils were numerous sculptors later active in the construction of the Ringstraße. As a link between Classicism and Romantic Historicism, Schaller exerted a profound influence on the following artistic generation." (DBE).

Slightly browned due to paper and somewhat spotty.

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