Bodio, Luigi, Italian economist and statistician (1840-1920). Autograph letter signed.

N. p., 11 April [probably 1882].

Large 8vo. 3 pp. on bifolium. In Italian.


To a fellow economist or journalist, offering some notes in order to clarify the biography of the economist Carlo De Cesare (1824-1882), probably for an obituary, and mentioning De Cesare's nephew Raffaele "a much-esteemed publicist in Italy", who could help with an article on his uncle. In closing, Bodio announces to send two articles by Raffaele de Cesare to the recipient, "one entitled Il conclave di Leone XIII and the other Il futuro conclave [...]".

Born in Milan, Luigi Bodio studied economy in Pavia and Pisa. In 1864, he became professor of political economy at the Royal Technical Institute of Livorno, later moving to Milan and then to Venice. Following the death of the pioneering Italian statistician Pietro Maestri, Bodio was called to Rom to direct the Regio Istituto Statistico that had been founded by Maestri.

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