The Heidelberg Confederation

[Heidelberg Confederation]. Declaration by Count Ludwig von Stolberg during the 1552 Princes' Uprising and Stolberg's correspondence with Elector Palatine Fredrick II, Duke Christoph von Württemberg, and Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria regarding the Heidelberg Confederation.

Giessen, Heidelberg, Augsburg, and Munich, 1552-1556.

7¼ pp., mostly with address.


The so-called "Heidelberg Confederation" was founded in 1553 during a personal meeting between the Elector Palatine and the Dukes of Jülich, Bavaria, and Württemberg, at a time when peace within the Empire was severely threatened by a series of interlocking problems (Franconia, Saxony, Brunswick, Spanish Succession, etc.). The Confederation agreed on defensive politics but would come to one another's aid if necessary. It was dissolved in 1556.

The correspondence comprises: 1) Ludwig von Stolberg (1505-74). Document with papered seal. Gießen, 16 March 1552. 1 p. Oblong folio.

Confirmation for the King of France, the Elector of Saxony, the Duke of Mecklenburg, the Landgrave William of Hesse and other members of the confederation, agreeing not to intervene with their military campaigns and to grant free passage of troops and free access to provisions. 2) Frederick II, Elector Palatine (r. 1544-56). Letter. Heidelberg, 27 Nov.1553. 2¼ pp. and address. 4to. Offering Ludwig von Stolberg the office of chairman of the Confederation. 3) The same. Letter with papered seal. Heidelberg, 29 Jan. 1654. 1 p. and address. Folio. To Ludwig von Stolberg, repeating the previous offer. 4) Christoph, Duke of Württemberg (r. 1550-68). LS. Augsburg, 8 April 1555. 1 p. and address. 4to. To Ludwig von Stolberg, confirming his having passed on a missive of Ludwig's to Albrecht of Bavaria. 5) Albrecht V, Duke of Bavaria (r. 1550-79). LS. Munich, 17 Feb. 1556. 1 p. and address. Oblong 4to with papered seal. Answer to Ludwig von Stolberg, who had asked to be released from his office. 6) The same. LS. Munich, 15 March 1556. 1 p. and address. 4to with papered seal. To Ludwig von Stolberg, referring to his previous correspondence.

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