An intriguing document from his later Air Force days

Lawrence, T[homas] E[dward], British explorer, intelligence officer, and writer (1888-1935). Typed document signed ("T. E. Shaw A/C" and "Arnold Green").

No place, 5 Sept. 1933.

Folio (13 x 8 inches). 2 pp.


Brake Horse Power Test Sheet for a 8/28 h.p. engine. The document dates from Aircraftsman Shaw's second spell with the Air Force. It is completed with technical data including water temperature‚ oil pressure‚ etc. Marked "Air Ministry Engine Under Trial"‚ it apparently relates to the testing of the marine engines of the type installed in powered dinghies used for ferrying air and ground crews to moored flying boats and for general coastal duties. An intriguing document from his later Air Force days, and a splendid document late in life, when Lawrence was working on speed boats and motors.

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