Negotiating complimentary copies of his "Travels to Arabia"

Burton, Richard Francis, English explorer and diplomat (1821-1890). Autograph letter signed ("R. F. Burton").

Trieste, Consulate, 16 Oct. 1876.

3 pp. Small 8vo.


To the publisher and author George Bentley (1828-95), complaining that his "letter has certainly miscarried. I accept the conditions provided we print at once [...]". He asks for an "agreement to settle at the end of six months or a year and to allow me a dozen copies for friends. Could we manage to print without destroying the two old volumes. Of course you can take them to pieces and I will have them rebound when you have done with them [...]". He continues, "For corrections a single revise will suffice. Kindly let me have proofs in duplicate accompanied by the manuscript - which saves time [...]." He asks his opinion on illustration, and repeats that he has sketches and photographs suggesting that "perhaps the best way would be to prefix one to each volume, say Sir Charles Napier to vol. I and the photo of a Sindi girl to vol. 2 [...]". He offers to send them off at once if it suits.