Toorop, Jan, Dutch-Indonesian painter (1858-1928). Autograph letter signed ("JThToorop").

Domburg, 10 July 1913.

Large 8vo. 1 p. Two addenda (s. b.).


Concerning arrangements for his portrait of the Flemish priest and author Hugo Verriest. The board of the Amsterdam catholic artist's society "De Violier", represented by secretary Wentinck, commissioned Toorop to make the portrait. Toorop wants to visit his correspondent on Saturday, July 19, and hopes to begin drawing two days later. "[...] Zaterdag 26 Juli hoop ik weer met het geteckendt portret in Domburg terug tekomen [...]".

Together with 2 contemporary poems signed by one Joann Kat, one of them with dedication to Jan Toorop (n. p. o. d., altogether [2+1=] 3 pp. on 3 ff., large 8vo).

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