Gladstone, Herbert, British statesman (1854-1930). 2 autograph letters signed.

[London], 5 Jan. 1915 and 18 Nov. 1920.

4to and 8vo. Altogether (1+1 =) 2 pp. on 2 ff.


To John Henderson, Secretary of the National Liberal Club: "Many thanks for your very kind letter. I have every intention of keeping up my old connection wit the Club. But excepting a short week at Christmas I have been engrossed [?] here daily - including Saturdays + many Sundays + since I landed I have hardly seem my own relatives. I hope however the main pressure will soon be over+ in any case I hope to visit the Club soon [...]" (5 Jan. 1915, on headed paper of the War Refugees Committee).

"[...] I will come to you in time tomorrow. But I cannot take the speech, though not from want of faith. I am now on the shelf + outside active party politics , + am engaged in other things [...] so please get some one else [...]" (18 Nov. 1920). Includes a fragment of an envelope with Gladstone's autograph signature.

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