Kandinsky, Wassily, Russian painter and art theorist (1866-1944). 2 typed letters signed ("Kandinsky").

Dessau, 15 May and 13 Oct. 1926.

4to and 8vo. Altogether 4 pp. on 2 ff. With two typed envelopes.


To John Schikowski (1867-1934), editor of the Berlin magazine "Vorwärts", about hostility toward abstract art: "Various opponents who remained silent for several years have become courageous again by various processes and are happy about the almost universal reaction that overwhelmed the arts. But mostly they are happy because they can again write about the arts in their ancient, superficial tone [...] The attitude that abstract art has value merely as arts and crafts and can produce only pure ornamentation has become the received point of view. The latter, for example, was claimed by Carl Einstein in the 'Propylaea Art History' where he discussed my work [...]" (15 May 1926; transl.). In his letter of 13 October, Kandinsky discusses Schikowski's book on modern dance in detail.

At the time John Schikowski was considered one of the best critics of modern art and modern dance.

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