Kandinsky, Wassily, Russian painter and art theorist (1866-1944). 3 (1 autogr. and 2 typed) letters and 1 autogr. postcard, all signed ("Kandinsky").

Dessau and Neuilly-sur-Seine, 21. XII. 1927 to 8. XII. 1936.

Large 4to and oblong 8vo. 4 pp. on 3 ff. (letters) and 1 p. on 1 f. (card).


Fine letters to Georg Schmidt (1896-1965), who was operating from 1927 to 1938 as librarian at the Basel Trade Museum and, at that time (1927), organized an exhibition of paintings by August Babberger, Arnold Brügger, Hanns Joerin, Otto Morach, and Wassily Kandinsky. In his early letters, Kandinsky discusses some details of organizing this exhibition.

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